Using Morning Affirmations To Start The Day Off Right

When someone struggles with depression, it is likely they have difficulty getting out of bed to get their day started each day. There are several self-help steps that can be taken to make depressive episodes decrease. Here are a few exercises to try.

Try Speaking Upon Wakening To Motivate

Many find that morning affirmations are a wonderful way to become inspired to do their best throughout the day. Speaking sentences out loud each morning can be beneficial in helping someone with depression by helping them to recognize what qualities they prefer to exude.

Motivational words will help someone to strive toward goals, helping them to stay focused on what makes them happy in the process. These slogans or sentences can be printed out on index cards so they are within easy reach. Each morning one can be selected and the person can speak the words out loud several times.

Jot Down Notation To Explore Feelings

Throughout the day, someone with depression can write notes about how they feel at any given moment. Reading over the notes taken will be a useful tool in pinpointing triggers that start feelings of sadness.

These notes will also aid in showing events, people, and places that help someone feel content. The notes can be analyzed by a professional to help determine a schedule that will help the person stay on track with positive feelings throughout their days.

Make Alone Time As Well As Together Time

It is important that time is set aside to reflect on issues in solitude. This is a great time to use the power of affirmations to boost the spirits as well. In addition, time with others should also be incorporated into daily schedules. Making sure to set aside time for talking with others will make it easier to forget about pressing issues that may contribute to feelings of depression.

These times will soon be sought to help keep depression at bay. If schedules do not allow for time with others, a phone call or chat session can also be helpful in connecting with peers to help keep the mood positive.