Are Potential Customers Actually Seeing Your Website?

Around 85% of Americans do a search online for what they need before they purchase something. Of those that do a search, 75% only consider what’s on the first page of results. If a business’s website is on the second or third page, or even further back, they’re not going to see it. They’re going to see a competitor instead.

Understand How People Are Searching for What They Need

When search engines were new, people had to put in very specific keywords and phrases to find what they needed. As search engines were used more, they got better at finding what a person was looking for without a specific keyword. Phrases that were more natural could be used.

Now, people are searching even more because they have a computer in their pocket or purse at all times, and they’re even using digital assistants like Siri or Alexa so they can just ask their question out loud and find what they’re looking for. Search engines are constantly changing to keep up with how people are searching for things online.

How to Use That to Boost a Website’s Ranking

Knowing how people are looking for a website and what phrases they’ll use to find what they need can enable the business owner or website creator to optimize the website for those phrases. Adding relevant content for certain keywords helps the website rank higher for that keyword. Techniques used to boost the ranking of a website are adjusting with the changes in how people search for what they need so the website can be optimized to rank highly for the words or phrases used by searchers.

What the Boosted Ranking Actually Means

The higher a website is in the search engine results, the more likely it is potential customers are going to see it. They tend to ignore ads nowadays because they’re so used to them. But, if they see a website at the top of the results for what they’re searching for, they’re likely to click it and see if it has what they need.

Getting potential customers to view a website goes beyond just creating an amazing website. They need to be able to find it before they can see how amazing it is. Visit now to learn more about designing and optimizing your business website and how a professional can help.