Marketing With Full Color Postcards

Full-color postcards on quality paper can be great marketing tools. Small to large companies can benefit from sending out attractive postcards to targeted customers. Full Color Postcard Printing Marketing Ideas can help a company gain new customers or keep existing ones. Mailing campaigns are no place to cut corners on design or quality. A copying machine and cheap paper with sloppy black and white printing will not impress customers. The successful postcard marketer sends out well-designed postcards with simple but effective graphics and an attention-getting message.

Getting The Design And Message Right

Take the time to come up with a simple message to attract the person receiving the postcard. Use the company logo and name and address. This may be the time to pay a graphic designer to come up with a logo that brands the company. A design people will come to identify with the company or product. Rather than putting too much information on each postcard, send a series of cards with one short message on each.

What is the product and what is its biggest selling point? Why should the customer keep the card and visit the business or call a service company? Why call this plumber or that dentist? Why should the person go to this new shop rather than the competition? Customers want to see a benefit for them. The best message and graphics in a days pile of mail will be kept, the others will be dumped in the basket.

Getting The Postcard To The Customer

Not everyone will be a potential customer. For instance, a senior citizen won’t be the best customer for a toy store or a diaper service. Renters will not need an appliance or furnace repair service. The business person must research to find where their customers are located. Using a printing and mailing company might help. The post office will deliver by zip code. There are places that sell targeted mailing lists.

Once a targeted customer list is obtained, the postcards can be sent and success tracked. Until a business is sure of their market, they may want to send small mailings of postcards that contain coupons to be returned for discounts or free items. The company can determine the best mailing lists for the future. Postcards can also be handed out at trade shows or pinned on bulletin boards. Go to the website for more information.