Compounding for Pet Owners: Adapting Prescriptions for Safety and Effectiveness

Compounding is the process in which a pharmacist adapts a medication in some way in order to fill a customized veterinary prescription. Compounding for pet owners allows the medication to be available in a manner that is easier to administer or safer for the animal in question. Animal clinics now rely on pharmacies and laboratories that offer this service for many reasons.

Make it More Palatable

Medication is manufactured for effectiveness and not for taste. Unfortunately, it is impossible to explain to an animal that their health is reliant on them swallowing a foul-tasting substance. Compounding labs have the ability to add flavors animals love, like chicken or beef, to their medication. This makes it easier to administer and provides more assurance to the doctor and the owner that the animal will take a vital medication.

Adjust the Dosage

A tablet may not offer the exact amount of medication the pet needs. A very small animal may need only a portion of a pill or a large pet could require multiple pills and this increases the odds of either over or under-medicating the patient. A custom prescription adjusts the strength of the medication so it is given in a convenient amount that is safe and effective for each patient.

Change the Method

The need for compounding could also be to change the manner in which the medication is administered. Certain pets are more agreeable with liquids than tablets. A transdermal medication could offer a safer and more effective solution for pets that dislike oral medication. Changing the form the prescription is given is not only a benefit to the animal. This is also useful for veterinarians and pet owners that struggle to treat stubborn or aggressive animals.

The final goal is to make certain the animal has access to the medication they need and are offered it in a way that is safe and comfortable for the pet and their owner. Compounding is a serious process that should only be completed by trained and licensed pharmacies or through a veterinary clinic. Many animal care facilities now work with online laboratories that offer a variety of compounded formulas and have the capacity to meet the needs of all of their customers.